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Women's Conference | The Power of Testimony

On November 2, 2024, Vocal Survivors is hosting a Women's Conference called "A Not So Silent Night." 

Q: Why a Women's Conference?

A: At the beginning of 2024, Vocal Survivors chose the Women's Shelter as its new Focus Group. When picking a new focus group, Vocal Survivors always decides on an awareness event to honor the group. Therefore, in honor of the Women's Shelter, we are hosting a Women's Conference.

Q: What is the theme of the Conference?

A: The theme of the Conference is the power of testimony. Fun fact: Vocal Survivors originally started as a nonprofit encouraging victims to share their struggles and testimonies through online chats. Vocal Survivors has always believed that true healing begins when victims discuss their struggles, trials, and traumas. Though Vocal Survivors' mission has changed (to delivering care packages to marginalized groups), we still believe in the healing powers of testimony. Therefore, this Conference is a nod to our old mission, and we have chosen four women speakers to share their testimonies of how God guided them through struggles, trials, and trauma. 

Q: Who are the speakers?

A: We have carefully selected four speakers for this Conference: Comfort, Angel, Randi, and Lacie. Comfort is a wife, an NFL Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader, former Miss Fayetteville (2015), and Owner of Comfort The Nation. Angel is a wife to her high school sweetheart, a homeschool mom of three, the owner of Vocal Survivors, and an author and illustrator of the children's book "A Quest for Human Kindness." Randi is a wife, a mom of three, a promising author, and a secretary at Vocal Survivors. She has previously shared her testimony on The 700 Club. Lacie moved from Alabama to North Carolina to pursue God's calling for her and her family's life. She is a wife, mom of three, leader of prayer, and member of her church worship team.

Q: What are the testimonies going to be about?

A: Below are the summaries for each testimony.

Angel- "We don't share family secrets." This is the anthem that runs through Angel's head whenever she reflects on her early childhood. As a daddy's girl, Angel would have done anything her dad told her to do. He was her best friend, and Angel loved him so much. However, Angel's dad had two sides, and one side was terrifying. Angel witnessed her dad deal drugs, physically abuse the people closest to her, and she was the victim of sexual abuse inflicted by her father and his friends. This trauma ended when she was 7 years old, but the scars remained prevalent. Into early adulthood, Angel lived in a state of flashbacks, anxiety, depression, and paranoia, but through all the darkness, God constantly pursued Angel and transformed her life.

Randi- Randi was 20 years old when she slipped into her personal struggle with an eating disorder. As the numbers fell on the scale, Randi felt a since of pride and control over her life. It was not until Randi's mom, Penny, confronted Randi, that she was forced view the harm she had inflicted on herself. This was the start of a long and hard journey. Anorexia Nervosa nearly took her life multiple times, and threatened her overall chances of ever having children. But God had a bigger plan for her life!

Lacie- Ever since Lacie could remember, she has been a believer. She has had an insurmountable amount of faith, believing God does the miraculous. What Lacie did not expect at the time was that God would use this great faith to push her to absolute limits, places where Lacie felt she would altogether fade away. The start of Lacie's "training" began in 2021, when she lost her son Maverick at 23 weeks gestation. This unexpected loss shook Lacie to her core, but reignited her fire for the Lord. Each time the Lord pushed Lacie, each time she went through a new trial, it was as if God was transforming her into another priceless diamond, and her faith was maturing to higher levels. Lacie's harrowing journey through child loss gives a new meaning to faith-walker!

Comfort- In the middle of her home country Liberia's first civil war, Comfort's family had to relocate to a refugee camp where she was born. Coming to America shortly after her birth - chasing the American Dream was all she ever heard and strived for, but along the way endured trials, tribulations and many no's that became great opportunities. Everything that was thrown her way she trusted God to carry her through and had his confidence in the thick of it to overcome. For 32 years she has been a witness of and testifies God's goodness, faithfulness, power and authority!

Q: What should I wear?

A: This Conference is meant to feel like friends hanging out around a bonfire at Christmas time. We want everyone to feel comfortable and cozy, so we invite everyone to wear their favorite holiday pajamas or Vocal Survivors Conference shirt. Click here for the Conference shirts.

Q: Where is the Conference?

A: The Great Wolf Lodge in Concord, North Carolina. 

Q: When does it start?

A: The doors will open at 9 AM and will close at 2 PM.

Q: Should I bring food or drinks?

A: The Lodge will serve lunch to all attendees and has a Dunkin Donuts and other restaurants located inside the hotel. For that reason, they do not allow outside food or drinks.

Q: How do I sign up for the Conference?

A: To register for the Conference click this link. It will take you to our event page. Seating is limited and is first come, first served. Registration is required to enter the Conference. 

Q: What else should we expect at the Conference?

A: In addition to testimonies and lunch, you can also expect to save Christmas from the Grinch in an exciting escape room activity! The Conference will have "resource booths" where local businesses and nonprofits will share their services with the guests. 

Mark your calendars, invite friends, and reserve your seats at this one-of-a-kind women's Conference!! We cannot wait!


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